Current Project

Current Project

Bulima, Tanzania

Solar for Academics has partnered with Lion of Judah Academy to help implement solar panels to reduce operating expenses and provide reliable electricity to the school.  The school provides an outstanding educational opportunity to Tanzania's most disadvantaged children which includes assuring housing and financial assistance to AIDS orphans.

The Lion of Judah Academy follows the Tanzanian educational system, including the Tanzanian national curriculum. The school teaches in English, which is one of the highly distinctive features of the school. Quality education is vital since Tanzanian students are required to pass exams in both fourth and seventh grade to continue their education in Tanzania. Solar for Academics hopes that the addition of solar energy will promote a better learning environment by allowing students to study into the night with a reliable supply of energy.  The school is benefited by a lower operating cost, allowing for additional money to be used for more books and scholarships.

Technical Class

Solar panels in Tanzania have a quick payback period and can provide clean and reliable energy to locals in the community. In addition to the installation, Solar for Academics will provide free technical classes to interested students and locals.  Solar theory, system components, site analysis, site design, installation, positioning and economic impact are among a few topics that will be taught to students. Through this technical class, individuals will learn new skills which can be used to increase both their and their community’s standard of living.


Current Project

Current Project

How We'll Do It

Once sufficient funds have been raised to begin the installation we will send a team to the site to oversee the project and begin working with local solar contractors and laborers.  For this project we have selected to work with Helvetic Solar, a local Tanzanian solar company chosen on account of high recommendations from leaders of the Lion of Judah Academy as well as others.  The solar panels and system components will be purchased from Helvetic Solar and delivered to the school where they will be installed by local contractors.  

The technical training course will begin as the solar panels arrive to the school and will finish once the installation is complete.  Our team will remain with the school until we have decided in agreement with the heads of the school that the solar pv system is operating successfully.

Once the system is operating, money will instantly start being saved for the school, and students and teachers of the Lion of Judah Academy will have access to learning materials and information like never before.


Support the students and faculty of the Lion of Judah Academy and help donate a solar pv system today!