When we started this charity, we made a promise to the public — All donations and revenues less expenses will be applied directly to the field to fund solar and education projects. Solar for Academics is voluntarily operated; no employees are paid a salary. We mobilize volunteers based on a careful needs-assessment in the host country and depend on private donors, universities and sponsors to cover everything from operating costs to air flights.

Solar for Academics is a fiscally sponsored organization of Humanitarian Social Innovations, which has provided our organization with the support to complete projects more effectively and efficiently.  All of your donations to our current project are fully tax deductible.  Humanitarian Social Innovations treats funds received for the purpose of this project as restricted under the charitable trust doctrine.  All funds, minus administrative fees, are dedicated to the purpose of this project and will not be used to pay the expenses of another.

Your investment in a child’s education during early childhood will have immense benefits in combating future poverty in the community. The money is not a handout, but an investment that generates revenue for over 30 years, changing the lives of hundreds of students to come.

 If you have any questions or comments please feel free to