Humanitarian Social Innovations

Fiscal Sponsor

HSI serves as a Solar for Academics' fiscal sponsor and provides our organization with the support necessary to complete projects in the most effective and efficient manner.  The mission of Humanitarian Social Innovations is to sponsor the development of sustainable programs and businesses that promote human welfare or social reform in the areas of education, economic development, sustainable agriculture and energy.  Through partnering with other nonprofit organizations such as HSI, we hope to raise communities out of poverty by creating a sustainable educational environments.  To learn more about Humanitarian Social Innovations and the support and services they offer visit their website at


Paul Hodges

Co-founder and Director of Operations

As a recent Temple University graduate with a degree in political science and history, Paul has spent the last few years studying issues of international affairs such as global economics and third world development. He has practiced his education through performing several research projects regarding global social and economic development both in the US and abroad. His interest in humanitarian and social aid has been reflected through several efforts including the spearheading of a fund to build a soccer field for the Lion of Judah Academy of Tanzania in 2009.  He hopes to continue to use his education and skills to combat perpetual poverty and improve the quality of students' communities and education.


Mike Planer

Co-founder and System Design Specialist

Mike is the co-founder and alternative energy design specialist at Solar for Academics.  Mike holds a degree in Energy Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, where he focused on renewable energy, the environment and energy business and finance.  Mike has spent over 8 months outside the United States, and has done volunteer work in China, Costa Rica, Ukraine and Brazil.  He also contributed to the design and construction of a solar powered food cart for use in third world countries and several energy audits for commercial buildings.


Chris Clark

Environmental Specialist

Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Temple University where he specialized in sustainable development and environmental policy issues. He also spent six months in Cairns, Australia studying urban geography & design in addition to contributing to the construction of a local park. Chris was brought onto the Solar for Academics team because of his passion for education and understanding of third world development. He has traveled to over 20 different countries, volunteering and teaching along the way. He hopes to use his ideas and concepts in sustainable development to better the lives of underprivileged students and improve third world communities.